Minnesota Young Republicans

2017 State Convention Agenda



1.    Call to order


2.    Pledge of Allegiance


3.    Nomination and election of Temporary Chair


4.    Motion authorizing Temporary Chair to appoint: secretary, parliamentarian, and

       Sergeant at arms


5.    Preliminary report of the Credentials Committee


6.    Motion to make temporary organization permanent


7.  Discussion and adoption of portions of Rules Committee report providing

      for registration


8.  Discussion and adoption of the balance of the rules and agenda


9. Final report of the Credentials Committee


10. Election of State Officers of the League

            - Chair

            - Deputy Chair

            - Secretary

            - Treasurer

            - Assistant Treasurer

            - Finance Chair

            - Outreach Chair

            - National Committeeman

            - National Committeewoman

            - Chair Emeritus (Non-voting)


11. Election of Delegate and Alternate to MNGOP State Central convention


12.  Acceptance of Rechartering Submissions of Local Chapters


13.  Adjournment


14.  Party and Celebration



Minnesota Young Republicans

2017 State Convention Rules


       April 1, 2017

1.           Parliamentary rules


            Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern the conduct of the business of the Convention when not in conflict with the laws of the State of Minnesota, the Constitution of the Republican Party of Minnesota, the bylaws of the Minnesota Young Republicans, or the Rules adopted by the Convention.


2.         Order of business


            The Agenda for the Convention shall be as outlined in the official agenda for the Convention and items shall be taken in that order and not interrupted.



3.         Amendment or suspension


            After adoption of these Rules and Agenda, these Rules and Agenda may be suspended or amended only by a vote of two-thirds of registered Delegates as determined by the most recent report of the Credentials Committee.


4.         Addressing the Convention


A.        A Delegate wishing to speak shall rise, address the Chair, and when recognized, state the Delegate’s name and the purpose for speaking, expressed as either a motion, point of order, or clarification.


B.        Debate on any motion or subject shall be limited to 30 seconds by each speaker.  No person shall be allowed to speak more than twice on the same subject.


C.        At least one speaker on each side of a question shall be given the opportunity to speak about an issue before a call for the question shall be in order.


D.        The chair may, invite previously announced guests to address the convention as invited in advance by the State Board.




5.         Convention roll and quorum


            A.        Entitlement to vote


            Persons eligible to vote at the Convention are the Delegates under Article 4, Section 4, paragraph A of the Corporate Bylaws of the Young Republican League of Minnesota.


            B.        Quorum.


            A majority of the total number of Delegates registered and seated shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of convening the Convention.  Once a quorum is established, a call for a quorum shall be out of order. 


6.         Voting


A.        All voting for contested positions shall be by private ballot.


B.        The vote on all other questions shall be by voice vote.


C.        At the request of 5 Delegates, a counted standing vote shall be taken.       

D.        Each seated Delegate shall have one vote. There shall be no voting by proxy or unit rule. 



7.         Candidate for Officer Position Procedure


A.        All candidates for State Officer or Minnesota Republican State Delegate must notify the State Chair before the agenda item for that election begins.


B.        Nominations will be announced by the chair using the materials provided by the State Chair. Each candidate shall be given a total of 3 minutes of floor time for speeches and personal remarks before voting begins. The order of these speeches shall be determined by order of receipt of intent to seek the office, with all speeches by or for a given candidate completed before the next candidate begins.  The Convention Chair shall keep an accurate record of a candidate’s time.


C.        When there are more than two candidates seeking a position, any candidate who receives no more than 10 percent of the vote on the first ballot, no more than 15 percent on the second ballot, or no more than 20 percent on the third ballot and so on shall be dropped from further consideration.


D.        Any candidate who shall receive more than 50 percent of the registered Delegates as stated in the final report of the Credentials Committee shall be declared the winner.


E.        If there is only one candidate for one or more positions, the vote to elect these candidates shall be taken by acclimation, as a group.  Notwithstanding paragraph B, that candidate shall not address the convention.



8.         Bylaws Amendments


  1. Proposed Amendments to the Corporate Bylaws of the Young Republican League of Minnesota shall be submitted to the State Chair of by the end of the day prior to the convention (March 31).


9.         Selection of State Central Delegates



A.        The election for State Central Delegate and State Central Alternate shall occur simultaneously, with the first place finisher being the Delegate and the second place finisher the Alternate. Each convention delegate may vote for zero, one, or two candidates for State Central Delegate on one single ballot. Any ties shall be broken by drawn lots.



10.      Miscellaneous


A.        Registration for the Convention is from11:45 a.m. until the final report of the Credentials Committee., with no Delegates to be registered thereafter.