Drew Christensen State Representative 56A

Representative Christensen is known for running smart, lean campaigns that use the latest, most sophisticated technology to convince undecided voters to vote Republican and drive Republican voters out to the polls. Drew has also taken the lead in testing various voter turnout messages so that Republican campaigns across the state can squeeze the absolute most value out of donors' money.

Representative Christensen has taken the lead in advancing conservative values among young Minnesotans. Elected while 21 and still a student at the University of Minnesota, he has risen to become Vice-Chair of Higher Education Committee where he has fought back against the radical, leftist agenda at our colleges and universities. Drew has shown that a conservative, Republican message really does appeal to young people.

Representative Christensen was rated a top five most conservative member of the Minnesota House of Representatives despite representing a swing district that was won by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In 2016, Christensen was named to Red Alert Politics' "30 Under 30" list (http://redalertpolitics.com/thirty-under-thirty-2016/rep-drew-christensen/). In 2017, Christensen was named the 11th most influential Republican under 30 by Newsmax (https://www.newsmax.com/BestLists/30-under-30-influential-young-republicans/2017/01/11/id/767932/).

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