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Help Minneapolis/St. Paul

The last week had been devastating to our community and neighborhoods as we witnessed the brutal murder of Mr. George Flyod and the subsequent riots, looting, and arson which destroyed our neighborhoods & multiple small and large businesses. It is very painful to watch the sites.

We demand justice for Mr. George Flyod and the families, businesses, and communities affected by the mayhem. 

We think its the time for the communities to come together to heal, rebuild the trust, and find opportunities to help each other to overcome the tough times. 

Minnesota Young Republicans, a volunteer-based, non-profit, 501(c)4 organization is raising money to help to buy food supplies & hygiene products for the community members in need. 

The organization will match 50 cents for every dollar raised (up to a maximum of $250) for these efforts. 

We request our members and followers to please donate generously for the cause. 

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